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Where's The Positive HOA News??!!

Posted on March 22, 2013 at 3:20 AM

It doesn't take much time to find negative homeowner association news in social media. It seems that in the search for content there is no shortage of people/organizations that scour the news feeds and eagerly post any story that makes community association leaders, managers, business partners, or all three, look bad...and these are from people/organizations that work for/with the community association industry...not the nut jobs that perceive that community associations violate the Constitution of the United States!

Aside from the old maxim "some people try to become tall by cutting off the heads of others", I have to assume that they post these negative stories because:

A. Hearing about abuses perpetuated by community association leaders, managers and/or business partners will help those with less intelligence, reason or morality avoid making the same mistakes (after all, anyone with more intelligence, reason and/or morality wouldn't make bonehead choices, so it can't be aimed at them).

B. They want their content to be shared by their social media followers, associates, members or communities in order to promote their own business (content marketing).

If the reason is "A" above, then this kind of negative content is insulting. Who wants to be considered less intelligent, reasonable or moral than anyone whose exploits become fodder for the local or national news media? Not me!

If the reason is "B" and negative community association news is shared in order to increase the odds of their posts being shared on social media platforms, well, that doesn't work either. Here's why:

Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School recently conducted research to examine the link between emotion evoked by content and what kind of content is highly shared (read their paper HERE). Using a dataset of all New York Times articles published over a 3-month period and assigning each article a positive or negative quality, they tracked which kind of articles (positive or negative) made the newspaper's "most emailed" list.

What their findings indicated, among other things, is that positive news tends to be more viral than negative news. Positive content is more likely to be shared than negative content.

So, let's not put our heads in the sand and avoid the lessons that can be learned from other's bad choices, but let's also do a better job of sharing positive community association news. There may not be a whole lot of positive community association news out there (because the news media still functions under the assumption that negative news is more interesting than positive news), but if everyone associated with the industry - especially Community Associations Institute chapters (they have some clout) - contacts their local newspapers, radio stations or television stations and starts sharing community association success stories (they are out there!) then there will be more positive stories...and, as the research indicates, those positive stories will be shared much more often than the negative ones.

The community association industry will benefit and so will everyone's social media content marketing efforts!

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