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Ad Hoc Committees Help Create Community

Posted on March 9, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Ad hoc committees are formed for a specific purpose which includes assisting with work and input on the budget, rules and regulations review, etc. The needs of the services of these types of committees terminates once their purpose/duties have been accomplished. Examples and brief descriptions of some of these ad-hoc committees are:


- Annual Meeting Committee

- Nominating Committee

- Rules Review Committee

- Audit Committee

- Re-Roofing Committee

- Street Slurry Committee

- Painting Committee

- Management Committee

- Contracts Committee

- Tree Trimming Committee

- Special Events Committee

- Annual Color Committee

- Clean-Up Day Committee

- Community Garden Committee

Annual Meeting Committee: Assists in the coordination and planning of the annual meeting and board of director election.


Nominating Committee: Solicits, identifies and recommends to the board qualified candidates to be placed on the ballot of the board of director election.


Audit Committee: Solicits, interviews CPA firms/auditors and obtains bids for the annual financial audit and submits them to the board along with their recommendations.


Re-Roofing Committee: Solicits, interviews roofing companies, qualifies them (bonded, licensed, insured) and obtains bids for re-roofing projects and submits their recommendations to the board of directors.


Street Slurry Committee: Solicits, interviews street maintenance companies, qualifies them and obtains bids for street slurry/maintenance projects and submits them, along with their recommendations, to the board.


Painting Committee: Solicits, interviews painting contractors, qualifies them and obtains bids for community painting projects and submits their recommendations to the board.


Management Committee: Solicits, interviews management companies, qualifies them and obtains bids for community association management and presents them to the board.


Contracts/Business Partner Committee: Reviews all current service contracts and makes recommendations to the board regarding renewal or researching of new service providers/business partners.


Tree Trimming Committee: Conducts property inspections, identifies trees for trimming and works with landscaper/arborist regarding tree trimming. If a company other than the current landscape maintenance company is to be used for tree trimming, then bids are solicited, companies are interviewed and qualified and recommendations made to the board of directors.


Special Events Committee: Coordinates specific special events that are not the responsibility of the Social Committee. If there is no Social Committee, the Special Events Committee is formed prior to each planned social event and works to ensure its success.


Annual Color Committee: Works with the Landscape Committee and Landscaper in order to make recommendations regarding the installation of seasonal flowers throughout the community.


Clean-Up Day Committee: Oranizes and promotes a special community-wide event whose goal is to clean up the community by picking up litter, removing/painting over graffiti, sprucing up the the community common areas as appropriate.


Community Garden Committee: Coordinates and organizes the implementation of a community garden within the community.



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