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Creating Community
The Art of Empowerment in Community Association Living
by Michael Robert Pierson

Praise for Creating Community... 

“Every director, committee member, manager, and association service provider should read this book. It would make a tremendous difference in improving the lives of everyone involved in community association living.”
Jan Lhotka - Founder and CEO, Action Property Management, Inc.

"Erudite, humorous, timely and timeless - a must read for any owner or Board member wishing to understand the function and dysfunction of their community and how to effect positive change.”
Julie Adamen, President, Adamen Inc.

“If you want to impact behavior, or attitude, regarding your association, you must earn their interest. This book helps teach and explain how that is done. This book is a must read for anyone looking to impact the community.”
Steven Shuey, CCAM, PCAM
Association of Professional Community Managers Board Member
Community Association Consultant for Personalized Property Management

“A great book for anyone who lives in a community association. Especially for someone who serves in a leadership position within the community.”
Ron Orr, ARC Member at The Ridge at Lake Webster HOA

“After reading Creating Community I believe that my business is in a better position to understand the dynamics of community association living. That's a win-win for us and our clients!”
Tim Canfield - President & CEO, Tim's Irrigation

"This book is where the essence of education and empowerment meet, sprinkled with pearls of whit and wisdom. A must read for anyone dealing with associations, organizations, and motivation."
Dana Detray - General Manager, Detray’s Custom Homes


The goal of this book is to help those people whose lives are impacted by community association living – owners, residents, board members, volunteers, management staff and the business partners that service them – have a clearer understanding of the dynamics about how to create a community in the truest sense of the word: A collection  of diverse individuals that are engaged  with each other, informed about  community issues and actively work  together in order to accomplish goals that will make the community stronger and each of their individual lives better. Creating Community contains simple, yet profound, management strategies that board members, volunteers and management can utilize to attract the energy of change needed in order to bring people together towards the pursuit of common goals and objectives.  In short, it is about the art of empowerment in community association living. 


Michael Robert Pierson is CEO/President of Community Association Publishing Services (CAPS). He is the author of “Taking Control: Time Management and Communication Tools for Community Association Management" and "Creating Community: The Art of Empowerment in Community Association Living."


Michael began his career in resort and community association management in 1985 and has worked in Washington State (Orcas Island), Hawaii (Maui) and California (Santa Barbara, Orange County and the Coachella Valley). He is a past recipient of Village Resorts' Managing at Peak Performance award while at The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach; Radisson Hotel International's Manager of the Quarter while at the Palm Springs Radisson Resort Hotel; the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) Outstanding Service Award while serving as Chairman of their Public Relations Committee; and Action Property Management's Spirit Award while supervisor of their Coachella Valley Office. He served two stints as editor of The Quorum (the Coachella Valley Community Associations Institute (CAI) chapter newsletter) and was previously named the Coachella Valley CAI chapter's Outstanding Member of the Year.


He holds a degree in Psychology from St. Martin’s University and lives in Bermuda Dunes, California.


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Taking Control
Time Management and Communication Tools for Community Association Management
by Michael Robert Pierson

Today's technology provides the community association with many very effective communication tools: newsletters, email, websites and social networking. Why then do not more community association management companies and boards of directors demand their use, especially when doing so can solve a majority of community association ills? The most common answer is a lack of time. However, increasing time spent in communication-related tasks will create more time in your day to devote to proactive duties and reudce the amount of time you spend performing reactive tasks (putting out fires). A simple rule of thumb to remember is that reactive behavior usually results in consequences while proactive behavior creates rewards. The reason that successful time management hinges so importantly upon communication is that successful community association management depends desperately upon communication. The manager or board that communicates well has the opportunity to manage their time well. Well managed time is what creates successful community association management. This book is a hands on manual on how to help community association management professionals take greater control over their time through the effective use of the communication tools at their disposal.

What they are saying about Taking Control...

"Michael Pierson has written a very insightful book which should be read and its principles applied on a day to day basis by all professional association managers. It also should be required reading for volunteer members of association boards and committees as it affords thoughtful insights into community management which is the result of the author's extensive experience in this industry. While the focus of the book is on "Taking Control" through time managment and communication tools for community association management, an equally important message is that the goal of effective management of a community is facilitated through the education and empowerment of all homeowners."

John F. Stone
Retired attorney who specialized in nonprofit membership corporations and has also served on boards of homeowner associations in Minnesota and California and has had extensive experience in the governance and financing of homeowner associations

"This is really a great piece of work. It would be hard to imagine a CEO of a management company not forcing their staff to read and heed the message contained herein. Every manager needs to know that he or she is responsible for their own stress issues and they need to take control for themselves. This book is a clear and concise manual on how to do just that."

Steven Shuey, PCAM, CCAM
Former General Manager Desert Island Condominium Community, Rancho Mirage, California
Association of Professional Community Managers Board Member
Community Association Consultant for Personalized Property Management

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