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CAPS Newsletter WIZARD


In order to make the newsletter creation process as easy as possible, an online Newsletter Wizard Submittal Form is available with information fields for community-specific information input and a list of generic informational and educational articles available for newsletter inclusion. Once the Newsletter Wizard Submittal Form is sent, CAPS will email you to verify delivery, printing and payment options.To go to the Online Newsletter Wizard Submittal Form, click HERE. 


Design/Typesetting Service 

$35.00 for a two-page color newsletter
$50.00 for a four-page color newsletter
(sent as a PDF file)

Sample #1: 2-page digital newsletter (PDF) HERE
Sample #2: 2 page digital newsletter (PDF) HERE


(Either 2 page full-color design can also be used in the 4 page format)


All-Inclusive Newsletter Printing Service
Includes design/typesetting, PDF version for website/emailing,
& printed copies for mailing
(Newsletters are shipped to management for mailing. Shipping costs additional & based upon location)

$1.00 per two-page color newsletter 

$1.85 per four-page color newsletter 




To download a newsletter service proposal to present to your Board of Directors, click HERE 



If you have any questions about this service, please contact us at Community Association Publishing via email caps@myhoa.com. 


“The newsletter is a community association's most valuable communications tool. It is the primary information link with homeowners, the best and most consistent way to keep owners informed of the association's activities”.

Community Associations Institute

Common Ground Magazine


Community Association Publishing Services, Inc. (CAPS) can provide community association newsletters for your associations so that they can realize the benefits that a regular newsletter can provide.


Probably the single greatest strength that a community association newsletter can provide to a community is understanding.

  • When owners and residents understand the issues that the Board of Directors must deal with on a regular basis there is more support for the Board and the decisions that are made by them.
  • When owners and residents understand the reasons why there are governing documents and rules and regulations that they must comply with there is more compliance within the community.
  • When owners and residents understand the importance of their involvement in the successful operation of their community association there is more participation.
  • When owners and residents understand why and how to communicate to the Board and management regarding community association issues there is less frustration and a greater sense that their input is important.
  • When owners and residents understand that they are important contributors to the process of community association management, there is a heightened sense of community within the association.

Ultimately, a regularly published community association newsletter helps the Board of Directors and Management strive to inform, educate, and communicate with the community owners and residents in order to enhance the community association-living experience, promote conformity to community guidelines and increase participation amongst community members. A newsletter is a win-win situation for everyone!


Some of the articles that can be included in an effective community association newsletter include:

  • Upcoming Board and committee meeting dates/times/locations
  • Board meeting highlights
  • Upcoming Board meeting agenda
  • Updates on current and pending maintenance projects
  • Committee reports and descriptions
  • How to communicate with association representatives
  • Architectural guidelines and procedures
  • Association financial updates
  • Rules reminders and non-compliance reporting procedures
  • Assessment collection policies
  • Notices of special meetings, such as Neighborhood Watch
  • Solicitation of committee volunteers
  • Educational articles on various association-related matters (i.e., reserve funds, insurance, rules enforcement, budget preparation, Annual Meeting procedures, etc.)
  • Surveys to solicit owner/resident opinions
  • Community contact information
  • Social event calendar
  • Community website information
  • Community classified advertising


A CAPS generated association newsletter utilizes the resources available from over 15 years of community association newsletter publishing experience with hundreds of informational and educational articles at the association’s disposal. By working directly with the association manager or community volunteer, CAPS can create a community-specific newsletter that meets the communication and information needs of any community while saving the association and management valuable time by doing all of the preparation, production and publishing of the newsletters. The goal of each newsletter is to reduce the amount of time that the association must spend putting out fires (being reactive) and, through communication, increase the amount of time it can spend in protecting, preserving and enhancing the common assets of the association (being proactive). 



If you have any questions about this service, please contact us at Community Association Publishing via email caps@myhoa.com.